Building and Civil

Colt is experienced working under strict guidelines of petrochemical, civil, food and rail sectors providing its services across the board from maintenance repairs, asbestos removal, demolition and re-build.

Priding ourselves on a reputation of delivering the highest standard of work whether that be minor works to full construction project over many months. A large majority of our tradesmen have been with Colt Construction for over 10 years and fully understand the ethos we have embedded in our company over that time. We believe quality standards delivered in the optimum timeframe are key to obtaining the long-term trust of our customers and in doing so create the recommendation to others to request our services.

We are very aware of the aging process of a great deal of some of our most impressive heritage buildings and have diversified our expertise to undertake the restoration of these projects with the attention to detail that is necessary to obtain the most impressive end result. Utilising qualified heritage stone masons; traditional roof slaters (which still cut by hand); the latest technically advanced heated cleaning system operating at low pressure which are not reliant on harsh chemicals ensuring the extended life of the original structure as much as possible whilst also not impacting on the environment.

Aunt Bessies Factory New Build